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ASCEND Industrial Supplies Inc.

is a 100% FILIPINO Corporation, duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission. ASCEND Industrial Supplies Inc. is engaged in the importation of the capital equipment’s, spare parts, and systems design for the Petrochemical, Power and Utilities, Manufacturing and other Industries.

The Company, which had been existing since 1996, is run by experienced and successful Managers and Sales Personnel whose expertise are in the field of Instrumentation’s, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemicals. Now, Ascend thru the creation of the new division, “Automation & Drives” has now diversified in the marketing & sales, as well as engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, Motors, and other engineered products, and with this complete line of automation equipments, Ascend Industrial is very proud to serve the industry.

The company has business partners based in the U.S.A., Singapore, Japan, and Europe that solicits competitive prices from Manufacturers.[/tab][tab]The company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996, by a group of professionals with expertise in the field of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and chemicals and supported by years of individual professional experiences. Its objective was realigned in 1998 through the merging of professional knowledge in the fields of industrial support, management and marketing.

Responding to the seemingly simple concept of demand and supply; the sourcing problems of clients was taken by the company as an opportunity. The opportunity heightened when subcontractors in the field of manufacturing experienced a downfall brought by the economic crisis in 1997. ASCEND is now fully committed.

The company does its sourcing on a need basis. Thus, clients are assured that cases of overstocks are avoided and resources supplied are new and are among the latest materials in the local and international market.
ASCEND is selective in identifying resources for its clients.

Quality sourcing is done right from the initial stage of screening possible suppliers. The company is committed to fulfilling the needs and requirements of its clients, thus marrying of supplier and buyer. Of prime consideration is product quality and conformity to the client’s requirements, followed by the purchase of the product at the  cheapest price possible. 

What is unique to the company is its concept and practice of personalized management. Through the years and because of its large global network of business partners done on a personal level, the spirit of trust is in place.

ASCEND has a world wide network as far as Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. Its world wide and local contacts provide access to the latest in resources in the global market, in almost any type of industry at highly competitive industry practice.

[tab]►  ASCEND believes in personalized management service. It is committed to bringing together clients and suppliers by providing exceptional personalized service.

► ASCEND commits itself to sourcing only the best resources for clients. It is committed to employing quality control in its sourcing of materials and resources.

► ASCEND Recognizes its role in nation building. It is committed to providing clients with high quality materials and resources to upgrade the level of technical and industrial growth in the country.

►ASCEND Quality Management, Quality Resources, and Quality Service.